Make Tax Season Your Favorite Season

A Stress free process

Experience a stress free process from start to finish. We make gathering your documents a simple process through our online Client Portal.


Avoid notices and penalties with professionals you can trust year after year.

Tax Support

Our Team of tax professionals are here for you year round. Our expert advice is designed to put you in the best position while keeping you tax compliant.

Year-round availability

We’re here all year to help you make the best tax decisions. Schedule a one-on-one conversation via phone, video call or in person.

Our 5 Step Process

We have developed a 5 Step Process to ensure Timely and Accurate Tax Return Preparation. Last year, Our Turnaround time was 7 days from the receipt of the package

We do not just prepare your tax return and send to you, you will receive status updates during this process and a scheduled time to discuss your taxes.

Step - 1. Sending us Your Tax Documents

We offer Four different ways for you to get us your tax documents

  1. Securely Upload your tax documents to our website (Most Secure)
    •   If you do not remember your password, you can go to our Login page and enter your email address and select the “Forgot Password” Link
    •    If you have never accessed our website, you can respond to this email to request access
  2. Drop off your Tax Documents (More Secure)
    •   You can drop off your tax documents at the box by our door and call or email us once its there so we can collect it
  3.  Mail us your Tax Documents (Less Secure)
    •    We would advise using a service with tracking
  4. Email us your Tax Documents (Least Secure)

Step - 2. You will immediately receive an acknowledgement that we have received your documents

In the same correspondence you will also receive a link to our calendar to book a time to discuss your taxes.

Step - 3. Within 3 business days we will Review your Tax Documents and advise you whether we are missing anything based on our review.

Step - 4. Upon Completion of your Tax Return you will receive a notification to log in to our website where you can view/download your tax return and electronically sign your tax return.

Step - 5. You receive Acknowledgement from IRS and your State Tax Authority that your filings have been Accepted

Our Job doesn’t end once your taxes are filed. We are here all year for any of your questions, use us as a resource. It’s a bit easier than googling for the answer to your questions.

Should you receive a Notice regarding a Tax Filing we prepared, Send that to us! We will explain to you what the Notice means and what action is required





Includes Professional plus: